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Sakamaki Shū  |  逆巻 シュウ


I’ve been meaning to flesh out these countries since I’ve been receiving a lot of asks about them (on ask-Iran) and I need practice doing countries other than Iran LOL

In any case, Afghanistan and Tajikistan (who made their debut here) actually have faces now!

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Here’s the DMMD version I’ve been selling out since AFAID 2014 and Comifuro 4 \(´▽`)/ 

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Final production background for Cinderella (x)

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If nothing else, Hetalia has taught me how to correctly spell Liechtenstein

It’s canon that aph China is the heir of the dragon


my friend told me about this stupid meme a few days ago so i made him one

reblog if your icon is someone you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your life with


cecil strikes again