Damn this guy is so hot???

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I almost spit grape juice!

I have saved this gif in my folder as ‘weight for it’

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I collected fresh sap for him, fed him high-protein jelly, and maintained his temperature carefully! I really, really, raised him with love, so you can’t—

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This time, I won't lose. It's time for revenge!
Rin. I've found it, too.

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Free! ES - Eyes.

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smile at me the way makoto smiles at haru and the way sousuke smiles at rin


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I’m finally starting to watch Free! and I feel like crying bc it feels like my summer break last year

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I get that the fandom like rinharu but

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So apparently Australian Olympic swimmers Eamon Sullivan and Andrew Lauterstein appeared in FreeES 12.

And guess what…

They both swim Free(style)

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